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Note: As of January 2019, the Illinois Sustainability Awards program was discontinued. Click the links below for archived information on this program. If you have questions or comments about the Illinois Sustainability Awards, please email

  • Illinois Sustainability Awards  (archive landing page)
    • General Information related to the Illinois Sustainability Awards (e.g. impact &, metrics)
    • Illinois Sustainability Awards Case Studies, highlighting efforts of various award winners
    • Annual Awards Ceremonies Information for past ceremonies. Unfortunately, IDEALS does not display these in chronological order. Note that for older ceremonies, only a program book may be available. For more recent ceremonies, with a note in brackets about the year (e.g. “2018 Illinois Sustainability Awards Ceremony [32nd Annual]“), clicking on the year from the main ceremonies collection page will take you to a mini collection for that particular ceremony, including items such as the program booklet, press release, biographies of ceremony speakers, and PDF copies of presentations.
    • Relevant YouTube Videos
      • Illinois Sustainability Award 2017 Winners Tribute. October 23, 2018. “What does it take to win an Illinois Sustainability Award? Three 2017 winners, a small town, an august museum, and a global corporation took different paths to demonstrate the impact of sustainable achievements.”
      • 2016 Illinois Sustainability Award Keynote Address – GM’s John Bradburn. April 26, 2017. “In a 30-year career, John Bradburn, global waste reduction manager at General Motors Corporation, has helped create fundamentally impactful opportunities to advance the prospects for the environment, communities, and his company.”
      • 2016 Illinois Sustainability Award Keynote Address – Wrigley’s Kim Frankovich. June 5, 2017. “Kim Frankovich, the global sustainability director of the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company (a subsidiary of Mars Incorporated), described the effectiveness of a privately held company to partner with non-governmental and international expert agencies to promote environmental responsibility and social justice for suppliers, workers, and customers.”
      • Illinois Sustainability Award 2016 Winners Tribute. November 1, 2017. “Each year at the ISA Awards Ceremony, a few winners from the previous year are highlighted in a tribute to the different ways Illinois businesses, communities, and organizations can impact our quality of life through sustainability. After 31 years, the ISA is one of the original awards programs honoring achievement in environmental stewardship and responsible economic growth.”
      • Honoring Sustainability Champions of 2015. November 4, 2016. “This video premiered at the 2016 Governor’s Award Ceremony highlighting the achievements of four of the 19 2015 winners.”
      • Honoring Sustainability Champions. March 1, 2016. “Four recent Illinois Governor’s Sustainability Award winners show how they did it in this profile. They are examples of many successful businesses, governments, and organizations that take care of business while reducing costs and protecting our quality environment. Join the journey!”
      • Tribute to 2014 Illinois Governor’s Sustainability Award Winners. October 23, 2015. “For the 2015 Governor’s Sustainability Award Ceremony, we are highlighting a few of last year’s winners and the impact the award has had on their sustainability journey. These are champions of people, planet, and profit!”
      • 2013 Governor’s Sustainability Awards. August 12, 2016. “Presented by David Thomas, Deb Jacobson, and John Mulrow.”
      • Governor’s Sustainability Awards Technical Symposium Playlist. November 11, 2020. Presentations from the 2013 Governor’s Awards ceremony. This playlist includes presenations from Eric Heineman from the Office of Governor Pat Quinn; Erik Assdourian on whether sustainability is still possible; Xinli Lu, Tom Holm, and Dave Larson on groundwater heat pumps; Kevin Greene from the IL EPA on the P2 intern program; Margaret Renas from the Delta Institute on reducing e-waste through purchasing decisions; and Seth Rients from ISTC on waste characterizations.