Comprehensive Assessment

A comprehensive assessment provides industrial facilities with a customized, hands-on assessment of production processes to reduce energy and water consumption, minimize their carbon footprint, reduce waste, increase productivity, and drive innovation.

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How Do Companies Benefit from a Comprehensive Assessment?

  • Promotes sustainable manufacturing and growth through innovative technology
  • Improves the company and the regional economy by retaining and/or adding jobs
  • Reduces environmental impacts while gaining a competitive advantage
  • Improves profitability and competitiveness
  • Enhances the ability to attract new business

The Comprehensive Assessment Process

  • Initial Meeting
  • Two Day Comprehensive Opportunity Assessment
  • Assessment Report Out
  • Outcome and Implementation Data Collection (3, 6, & 12 months)
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Comprehensive Assessment Outcomes

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced costs
  • Reductions in water use, materials, and energy
  • Reduced waste volume or toxicity
  • Increased recycling or diversion of by-products
  • Reduced emissions (VOC, HAP, & GHG)
  • Perspective of waste and utility costs
  • Instruction on how to calculate GHG emissions and evaluate reduction strategies