What We Do

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TAP offers a variety of programs and services to assist clients with making their operations more sustainable. All Illinois businesses, manufacturing facilities, institutions, organizations, and government agencies are eligible to receive an initial site visit at no cost to the facility. At this initial site visit, TAP staff members meet with key personnel to learn about the organization’s situation, facilities, concerns, and aspirations with regard to sustainability. TAP then develops an initial recommendation report based on this visit—again, at no cost to the facility. The recipient facility is under no obligation to act upon any recommendations provided, but if they do decide to implement, they are free to pursue implementation using their own staff,  engage TAP to assist with implementation on a fee-for-service basis, or engage a third-party consultant. Note that we occasionally have grant funding to cover the costs of certain types of assessments and implementation projects for specific sectors; our staff will inform you of such opportunities during initial discussions, and within our initial recommendation report if relevant.

Besides providing direct assistance to Illinois organizations, TAP frequently performs grant-related tasks for state or federal agencies, participates in state or national committees, coalitions, and alliances on a variety of sustainability issues, and works with partners throughout the state to advance pollution prevention, waste reduction, and sustainable resource use.

Use the links below to explore our programs, services, and descriptions of current and past projects.

Publications such as case studies, fact sheets, reports, plans, and more are available online through the Illinois Digital Environment for Access to Learning and Scholarship (IDEALS). View our Publications page to learn more.