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Below are examples of kudos from our clients. We’re always striving to improve our services, so if you’ve worked with us and would like to submit feedback, please complete our feedback form or contact us at istc-info@illinois.edu.

“The waste characterization study conducted by the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center provided valuable data that will guide us towards more sustainable practices within our student center and throughout our campus. The knowledge and expertise of the ISTC team elevated our understanding of various waste streams and provided realistic solutions towards diversion and waste reduction.” — Elisabeth Reed, ISU Director of Sustainability

“I want to thank the Prairie Research Institute at the University of Illinois for developing this comprehensive plan in partnership with the Forest Preserves. PRI is a leading organization with researchers from multiple disciplines who work to promote sustainability and climate resiliency. Their skills and dedication have been invaluable. We look forward to our ongoing partnership.”—Toni Preckwinkle, President, Forest Preserves of Cook County

“ISTC has been instrumental in helping us to plan and implement Argonne’s organic diversion program. Our teams worked closely together over a number of years and took a multi-step approach. ISTC’s expertise was critical in helping us to develop the business case, develop a robust diversion program and roll out the program over two years. The program has been well received and is making a meaningful impact in improving our waste diversion.” —Catherine N. Hurley, Strategic Planning & Sustainability Program Manager, Argonne National Laboratory

“By learning specifically what is in our waste stream, we now have the information needed to improve education, inform waste reduction and reuse efforts and expand recycling opportunities. ISTC brought a wealth of knowledge to this process. Their attention to the specifics of our campus and community were critical to the success of this effort. Working with them was a great experience.” —Julie Cahillane, Associate Director of Sustainability, Northwestern University

“ISTC helped the University of Illinois Chicago prepare a comprehensive materials management plan. The thorough audits and waste assessments provided qualitative and quantitative information that could be used with leadership to move our waste reduction program along the path to being a Zero Waste Campus.” —Cynthia Klein-Banai, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director of Sustainability, University of Illinois Chicago (UIC)

“The comprehensive presentation in the Materials Management Plan provided by ISTC gives us a greater understanding of the tasks we have.” —Joe Iosbaker, Recycling Coordinator, University of Illinois Chicago (UIC)

“Thus far, very pleased with the development and diligence of the ISTC team in their approach to our project.” —Steve Ericson, Executive Director, Feeding Illinois

“The case for solar is incredible with the incentives in place. It’s worth doing the work to figure the ROI because the returns were so significant.” —Andy Shirk, President of BEER NUTS

“With the help of the expert team involved in this project, we were able to take a quantitative and qualitative look at our processes, and improve upon them.” —Bret Penninger, Plant Manager, Dulin Metals

“This review highlighted areas where we could get more cost effective and environmentally friendly. The various activities were presented to the ASC team so that we were easily able to prioritize the activities. A lot of the actions were relatively inexpensive to implement.” —Anaya Vardya, CEO, American Standard Circuits, Inc.

“Worked with ISTC (and its prior incarnations) for many years on a variety of joint projects, that included client referrals to ISTC. I always found them to be highly professional and and excellent to work with.” —David R. Inman, City Colleges of Chicago, NORBIC, City of Chicago

“Very good information and details emerged from the audit, which we are still working on. It is a great way to start a foundation for continuous improvement and cost savings. Upgrading old electrical equipment is saving the company $6,000 a month. Other ideas like metering for waste water sewage credits will be adopted down the line.” —Michael Doeden, Plant Manager, AdvancePierre Foods

“The assessment…generated a list of task items we hadn’t considered. Overall the project/participation will improve us as a company — through savings, efficiency, and employee and environmental safety.” —Stephanie Fahrner, Vice President for Operations, King’s Food Products

“Thanks to ISTC we implemented a process change that saves money, provides a safer work environment, reduces waste, and improved the process.” —EH&S Manager, Small Metal Fabricator

“My company received an energy-focused site assessment from the ISTC Technical Assistance Program. This was our first time working with ISTC. I was very satisfied with the recommendations provided and the professionalism of ISTC staff members. The quality of their deliverables was excellent, and we have implemented all the recommendations made.” —Kim Fears, New Opportunities

“My company requested a site assessment focused on waste, energy, and water from ISTC. The quality of the deliverables received was excellent. We were very satisfied with the professionalism of Technical Assistance Program staff members, and have implemented all of the recommendations that were made.” —Chad Travnicek, Illinois Electric Works